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Several SPEED project and observer partners are hosting an online conference in 2 parts over 2 days. The Norlink e-conference PORT REVOLUTIONS will be held on Thursday, October 22, live from a TV set! Day 1 will be moderated by Norlink and Université de Lille – Polytech’ Lille. PortXL, Université de Lille and CiTC are …

9 reasons to participate in the Lille Virtual Smart Ports Hackathon

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From Wednesday 14 October until 22 October, the Lille Virtual Smart Ports Hackathon takes place. We give you an insight in the 9 challenges that will be tackled during the hackathon, in cooperation with our port partners. Watch the videos and subscribe here to participate! 1) Portsmouth International Port  Challenge 1 : Air quality …

Lille Virtual Smart Ports Hackathon 14/10 – 22/10 – Join us to find smart solutions!

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We invite app developers, tech startups, students, hackers, gamers, and everyone who wants to feel the thrill of developing a tech solution to a real life port challenge. The challenges will be sent to the participants before the start of this Hackathon. Can’t wait? Great, we’d love to see you online and we look forward …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto. Sustainability should not be forgotten when developing Smart Port Ecosystems

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Developments that address the sustainability aspect of port activity must be set high on the agenda of Smart Port Ecosystems. The approaches and technologies that include sustainability aspects at different European ports are detailed by José Manuel Pagés Sánchez, international Project Manager at AIVP, Association Internationale des Villes Portuaires (the worldwide network of port cities). …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto: Building trust amongst Smart Port Ecosystem stakeholders: the role of a communication platform where incipient ideas and fears can be openly debated

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In our blog series announcing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto, we are interviewing stakeholders of ‘smart’ ports. This week, we talked with Cyril Chedot, Head of Land use planning Department at Port of Le Havre. The inquiries we had with port stakeholders show that new technological solutions implemented in Smart Port Ecosystems have …

After the SPEED Hackathon: Predictive Analytics of UK Ports Air Quality using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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The SPEED Smart Port Hackathon gave us some innovative solutions for problems in ports. In our previous post, you can read about the Berth Auctioning app developed by winning team ‘Big Berthas’. The other winning team ‘Ozone’ reports hereunder about their solution to improve air quality. A confession The Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development (SPEED) …

After the SPEED hackathon: Berth Auctioning: a proof of concept app

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We reported earlier about the virtual SPEED Smart Port Hackathon that was organized in July. Team ‘Big Berthas’ , one of the winners of the Hackathon, gives you some more information about their Berth Auctioning app. Background The app was produced as an entry to the SPEED Smart Port Hackathon, which took place online over …

Event: Belgium Ports & Industry Day IV – 6 October 2020

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The Belgium Ports & Industry Day IV is a free online seminar hosted by the British Embassy in Brussels. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend. A calendar invitation and email containing a Teams Live Event link for this webinar will be sent to registered participants on 5 October. Indicative agenda 09:00  Welcome, …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto. Taking a bottom-up approach to develop a Smart Port Ecosystem

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Although the movement of vessels in ports might seem chaotic, more and more of these vessel movements and navigation decisions are not taken ad-hoc, on an individual basis nor on board of ships sailing through. The traffic of vessels in ports requires more coordination than what one can see at a first sight.

Which critical aspects should a Smart Port Ecosystem embrace?

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In the preparation of the Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto, which determines the critical aspects that a Smart Port Ecosystem should embrace, we talked to representatives of Ports of Rotterdam, Hamburg, Le Havre, Antwerp and London. It is very interesting to see that, by taking a look at the most developed ports of North-West Europe, similar …