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“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” —Steve Jobs 

Purpose and Scope of the Award

The TomorrowPorts Conference is eager to support further collaboration initiatives in ports. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to nominate port solutions for an award. These solutions should show that collaboration within port ecosystems is key to creating the Smart Ports of Tomorrow.


To select three projects with a high impact potential on ports’ developments and/or ports’ operations. The submitted projects should present successful collaboration stories, or potential for success between organizations connected/related to ports, and high-tech companies/SMEs/entrepreneurs.

Prize for the Best Collaborations

One winner, two runners-up. 

  • Money prize: €1,000 (can be transferred to the port charity of your choice)
  • Exposure & networking opportunities (for example; Flows magazine, award signature)
  • Free co-working space
  • Access to the virtual development lab
  • Access to the toolkit (diagnostic & improvement)
  • Access to the value delivery toolkit


Any collaboration venture (or potential) between port-related organizations/ports and high-tech companies/SMEs/entrepreneurs to develop a solution to a multiple contemporary smart port challenge(s) that port-related organizations/ports are confronted with.

The case should be technology-related.

The solutions should not only be advantageous for port-related organizations/ports, but should also create a positive impact for the larger ports’ stakeholder community.


To submit your case, you are required to register with the SPEED portal first. Please use this link to register. Submissions must be in by November 15th, 2021.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your case responding to the requirements listed below:

     1. Problem and Solution

  • Explain to which multiple contemporary smart port challenge the problem relates to?
  • Give a brief explanation of the suggested solution and explain how the solution addresses the problem.
  • Explain explicitly the (possible) outcomes and deliverables of the solution. 

     2. Collaboration (potential)

  • Clearly define the role of each partner and their contribution in the (potential) collaboration,
  • How did/do the partners ensure synergy between them? Be as explicit as possible.

     3. Spillover

  • Explain how solving the smart port challenge facilitates the larger stakeholder community of the port.
  • What would be the impact of the solution? How far does the impact reach? Please describe in words supported by evidence.
  • Explain how the solution would be scalable/transferable to other ports and ecosystems.

What happens with your submission?

The award ceremony will be held at the TomorrowPorts conference in Antwerp, on November 25th.

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