Author: Sharon Jones

Can low-cost sensors monitor, protect and improve Harbour water quality?

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UnifAI Technologies has deployed a number of small low-cost, wireless sensors on existing harbour infrastructure such as navigation buoys. These are powered by UnifAI‚Äôs proprietary artificial intelligence which can determine a wide range of parameters including nitrites and phosphates and harmful bacteria. These AI solutions are currently also being used in other projects to monitor …

Growth, Leadership and Letting Go of Control

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Learn from successful tech entrepreneurs about tools and support for navigating the challenges of scaling your business. Thursday 4th November from 10:30 GMT / 11:30 CET A scaling company is passing through a distinct stage of growth that commonly brings about serious change. Your start-up will have achieved a lot, been through their first rounds …

Protecting Privacy with Edge AI – Ask Me Anything session

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What are the benefits of Edge AI, and how could these be applied to Smart Ports? Join an informal Ask Me Anything session to discuss the opportunities and practicalities of Edge AI and how this can provide benefits in protecting privacy. Edge AI is a system that uses Machine Learning algorithms to process data generated …

WEBINAR: Smart End-to-End Air Quality Management in Ports

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In this session join SPEED partners Portland Port and Portsmouth International Port and smart port technology providers Barter4Things and Sinay to explore how they have developed smart end-to-end Air Quality monitoring systems and how these inform decision making. Book Now