Discover foundational elements for your entrepreneurial firm to grow

What if you could not only assess your firm, but also discover and discuss how others in your industry are doing ?!

About this event

In collaboration with partners of the SPEED project, University of Antwerp is organizing 4 interactive workshops exclusively in 2021 to support the understanding, application, and integration of the individual results that firms receive when going through the diagnostic growth tool, accessible for free. This tool can help you assess some of your firm’s (and team’s) essential capabilities.



The diagnostic growth tool is aimed at supporting the development and growth process of young, technology-based firms but touches a much larger public by its application to all firms operating in dynamic environments.

While many entrepreneurial firms are aiming for growth, not many actually achieve it. Environments are unpredictable and times are uncertain, so firms need to look outside of their own environments to find solutions to their growth-related challenges.

Business development tools and systems offerring “quick fixes” are numerous and growing, yet most of the time only useful …

  • when firms know why, when and where to use them, and
  • if they are implemented into a solid foundation.

Because, as the architectural saying goes,

a house is only as strong as its foundation,

… and so is a firm!

Who should attend?

  • Are you an Entrepreneur, (Co-)founder, CEO, or Manager of a firm operating in a dynamic environment providing much uncertainty?
  • Are you a coach, consultant, or advisor wanting to use the tool to support the firms in your network even more?
  • Are you an investor trying to get a feel for the company you’ve invested in?
  • Or are you a curious passer-by, interesting to learn more on what this tool has to offer?

If one or all of the above applies to you, this workshop is for you!



Discover more on the Diagnostic Growth Tool

The diagnostic growth tool has been developed by the University of Antwerp within the “Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development” project.

Any questions concerning the tool? Visit our FAQ page.

Visit our Diagnostic Growth Tool Information-Page to find out more on how and why the tool was developed, and how it may benefit you!





The Research Team

Morane Atzmon, Ph.D. Researcher of management and entrepreneurship at the University of Antwerp

Prof. dr. Johanna Vanderstraeten, professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Antwerp.

Organisers note: These workshops are based on the diagnostic growth tool. The research team therefore recommends registered firms to go through the tool prior to attending the workshops. While the received results will not need to be shared with other attendees, they will help you benefit optimally from the workshops and share similar difficulties with industry-peers.