Do you know the digital maturity of your port?

Your port organisation is going digital, but do you already know your digital innovation roadmap?

Would you like to benchmark your smart port maturity and ambitions with those of your peers?

The Smart Port Barometer is a strategic framework and a self-assessment for any port organization that wants strategic focus to turn its digital innovation ambitions into reality .

What’s more, we’re offering our Smart Port Maturity Model and the Smart Port Barometer for free to support our mission to accelerate the movement to smart ports in Europe.

What value can you get out of the Smart Port Maturity Model and Barometer?

  • Guidance for individual port companies and port authorities in your digital transformation.
  • Map your current maturity and benchmark it against captains of industry
  • Strategically align your port community to prioritise and develop digital transformation projects together

How can your organisation profit from the Smart Port Barometer?