Hackers unite! At the 2-day Mobility of the Future Hackathon, hackers can dive into multiple mobility challenges presented by the industry, who will be there to help create a working solution, and to bring it to market. A professional jury will choose winners and award prizes. 

The world of mobility is changing. At the same time, technology is evolving really fast. This generates new opportunities and challenges. 
Antwerp Management School, as lead partner in the Interreg SPEED project, presents a challenge together with Port of Antwerp. 

The port of Antwerp is a gateway for worldwide import and export. Port-bound as well as inland-bound transport of goods is done by barge, by train and by truck. However, this whole supply-chain system is not streamlined or interconnected. 
How can we improve the flow of goods? Could we create an optimization-algorithm for more effective and efficient traffic, beneficial for all port stakeholders? Is it useful to digitize forwarding? What could we use the data for?
Which creative solution do you come up with? Surprise us with your idea! 

This challenge is presented within the framework of the Interreg SPEED project. It focuses on building an ecosystem for smart port app development in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, bridging the gap between the worlds of European ports and the nascent data science – IoT market. 
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