So far, many developers and ports have worked together with us on creating the Smart Port of the future. We are very grateful for that.
Either through stakeholder meetings, hackathons or other events we had the opportunity to discuss and develop many cool ideas.

Unfortunately we had to postpone all live meetings due to #COVID19. In the meantime we would like to give a short technical update.

We want to keep the ideas flowing (more on this later), and help bring existing ideas into production. More specifically we want to support the industry to navigate the realm of more and more complex technology, elusive data and open collaboration. Echoing several projects we have supported in recent months; one of the main challenges for Smart Port applications is bringing the tech ideas, whether this be AI or Data Science, to life.

If AI empirically provides a competitive edge, why do only 13% of data science projects, or just one out of every 10, actually make it into production?

Venture Beat, 19-07-2019

Together with the University of Lille the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science has been working hard on providing tools to help bring AI & Data Science ideas to production in a IoT development lab environment.

Without getting too much into details, based on the JADS spin-off platform Scailable, we have created a dataplatform, and we are creating a model converter, modelplatform and runtimes for both the most common IoT devices and Cloud applications and subsequent Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

See the overview of the initial architecture for the future SPEED IoT Dev Lab platform below.

The unique setup allows to rapidly deploy existing models (trained on existing data) in our IoT development lab – part physical lab in Lille and part virtual lab.

This was our technical update for now. We look forward to work with you (remote or IRL) on deploing new ideas for the Smart Port of the future.

Arjan Haring, JADS