Learn all about the Air Quality Application, a successful result that was initially developed through the SPEED project. Collaborative work between Portsmouth and Portland ports have resulted in the development of a new application that will be completed by UK based B4T Group.

Alex Barter, Managing Director of B4T Thingmongers will enlighten us all on the different aspects the Air Quality Application for use in ports. That includes the following aspects :

  • Uses predicted weather conditions including wind, pressure and temperature to determine likelihood (%) of poor air quality 
  • Should utilise seasonal data for worst air pollution time (April) for some pollutants 
  • Should utilise time of day for worst pollutants and retention of pollutants at a low level. 
  • Should utilise government warning sites of high pollen/high pollution likelihood 
  • Should be able to integrate and interpret data stream from air pollutant sensors in port 

Date: January 28th
Time: 10-11 am UK Time / 11-12 CET

You can attend this webinar for free through Zoom via this link.