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Webinar: “From digital twin to business value for big and small ports: Lessons from Port of Antwerp and Dublin port” – 27th January 2021

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Data visualization tools and digital twins can be great assets for ports looking to optimize their business, to get a grasp at pollution in their port, or even to find security solutions. In this webinar Piet Opstaele, innovation manager at Port of Antwerp, will testify about the applications of APICA, their 3D dynamic digital twin …

Webinar: Air Quality – 28th January 2021

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Learn all about the Air Quality Application, a successful result that was initially developed through the SPEED project. Collaborative work between Portsmouth and Portland ports have resulted in the development of a new application that will be completed by UK based B4T Group. Alex Barter, Managing Director of B4T Thingmongers will enlighten us all on …

The Big Score Sessions: Smart Logistics – 24 Feb 2021

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Tech start-ups, don’t miss this wonderful funding opportunity! Apply before January 13th! At The Big Score session on Smart Logistics, SPEED offers smart port start-ups from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK an opportunity to pitch live on stage in front of an expert panel of industry experts, investors and corporate partners. Via SPEED, …

Part 2: Back to the future – Conference takeaways

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The online Data Science and IoT for Port Logistics Conference gathered speakers and participants from all over the world. We are all interested in innovation, but what are actually the applications for smart ports that we can expect in the future? You can find the 4 first innovations in this blogpost. We now present you …

Lille Virtual Smart Ports Hackathon 14/10 – 22/10 – Join us to find smart solutions!

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We invite app developers, tech startups, students, hackers, gamers, and everyone who wants to feel the thrill of developing a tech solution to a real life port challenge. The challenges will be sent to the participants before the start of this Hackathon. Can’t wait? Great, we’d love to see you online and we look forward …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto. Sustainability should not be forgotten when developing Smart Port Ecosystems

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Developments that address the sustainability aspect of port activity must be set high on the agenda of Smart Port Ecosystems. The approaches and technologies that include sustainability aspects at different European ports are detailed by José Manuel Pagés Sánchez, international Project Manager at AIVP, Association Internationale des Villes Portuaires (the worldwide network of port cities). …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto: Building trust amongst Smart Port Ecosystem stakeholders: the role of a communication platform where incipient ideas and fears can be openly debated

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In our blog series announcing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto, we are interviewing stakeholders of ‘smart’ ports. This week, we talked with Cyril Chedot, Head of Land use planning Department at Port of Le Havre. The inquiries we had with port stakeholders show that new technological solutions implemented in Smart Port Ecosystems have …

Preparing the Speed – Smart Port Ecosystem manifesto. Taking a bottom-up approach to develop a Smart Port Ecosystem

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Although the movement of vessels in ports might seem chaotic, more and more of these vessel movements and navigation decisions are not taken ad-hoc, on an individual basis nor on board of ships sailing through. The traffic of vessels in ports requires more coordination than what one can see at a first sight.