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Webinar: “From digital twin to business value for big and small ports: Lessons from Port of Antwerp and Dublin port” – 27th January 2021

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Data visualization tools and digital twins can be great assets for ports looking to optimize their business, to get a grasp at pollution in their port, or even to find security solutions. In this webinar Piet Opstaele, innovation manager at Port of Antwerp, will testify about the applications of APICA, their 3D dynamic digital twin …

Making port challenges visible – Webinar on 2 July

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Over the past five years, we witnessed a change to the maritime industry: tech start-ups have burst onto the scene. By collaborating with large companies in the port sector, these young entrepreneurs are coming up with innovations that improve efficiency, increase safety and help protect the environment. As the World’s first Port & Maritime Accelerator, …